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Mason Elephant Park & Lodge (10% OFF + FREE TRANSFER)

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Mason Elephant Park & Lodge (FREE TRANSFER)

Elephant Safari Park & Lodge, visited by celebrities such as Julia Roberts, David Beckham, is an integrated resort where guest can have full interactions with elephant including activities such as breakfast and bathing. All packages includes free transfer from and back to villa . Price is listed per person. Minimum 2 guests to depart.

Packages (up to 10% OFF):

  • Jumbo Wash The Elephants & Safari Ride: Free Transfer, Hand Wash Elephants, Park Entrance, Safari Ride, Lunch
    • Rp 1.300.500/Adult (published rate Rp 1.445.000) or Rp 913.500/Child (up to 12 y.o.) (published rate Rp 1.015.000)
  • Elephant Safari Ride: Free Transfer, Park Entrance, Elephant Talent Show, Safari Ride, Buffet Lunch
    • Rp 1.255.500/Adult (published rate Rp 1.395.000) or Rp 868.500/Child (up to 12 y.o.) (published rate Rp 965.000)
  • Bath & Breakfast: Free Transfer, Breakfast, Hands on Elephant Bathing, Safari Ride
    • Rp 1.525.500/Adult (published rate Rp 1.695.000) or Rp 1.138.500/Child (up to 12 y.o.) (published rate Rp 1.265.000)
  • Elephant Ride & 90 min Balinese Massage: Free Transfer, Park Entrance, Safari Ride, Buffet Lunch, 90 min Massage
    • Rp 1.795.500/Adult (published rate Rp 1.995.000)

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